We've teamed up with 2 fabulous brands Rasaku and Eat Wholesome to bring you delicious and natural flavours of Indonesia. 


What you will receive:


  • 2 x 500g of fresh, organic and unpasteurised ProTempeh blocks
  • 1 jar of Rasaku paste 
  • 1 tin 400ml of Organic natural coconut milk from Eat Wholesome - No guar gum, just coconut, water and nothing else
  • 2 recipe cards to help you cook your first delicious dishes with Protempeh and Rasaku. 




About Rasaku, the idea of chef and author, Petty Pandean Elliott.


Simply put, RASAKU is a practical yet fun introduction to Indonesian cuisine, combining the healthful herbs and spices from the original Spice Islands with local, fresh ingredients from UK. 


RASAKU in Indonesian language means literally 'my taste' and neatly describes the intent of this website. Since travel is difficult for most of us these days, this is a great opportunity to sample and share the rich food culture and discover a little about the breathtaking beauty of the world's largest, most biodiverse archipelago.

Making life easier in the kitchen...


While many more people understand the cuisines of South Asia and the Far East, it is often a challenge to find the specific tropical ingredients in any recipe, as well as manage preparing the many elements that make this food so exciting.

One of the best reasons for establishing RASAKU is to save you time, using our prepared fresh pastes and sambals, and therefore give you easy to enjoy authentic Indonesian dishes, with minimal fuss. 



About Eat Wholesome


Eat Wholesome™ is an independently owned, family run business that produces organic and natural food for stores across the UK and Canada. It was founded in 2014 by Brian Z. who was inspired by his family’s long history as farmers and artisan food producers. His parents, grandparents and great grandparents farmed on the family land organically before such a certification existed.


Growing up working at his family’s farmers market led him to become a retail buyer for both organic and conventional food. It was here that he became aware of how organic food was being overshadowed by mainstream brands, and how small family producers of healthy food and organic ingredients were struggling to reach customers.

As a response Brian started Eat Wholesome to champion organic, natural food and work with family run producers to share the value of great tasting, healthy ingredients to a wider audience.

Taste of Indonesia Kit