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About Protempeh 

Protempeh was founded by Olivier Laudus and Amalia Sudijono in early 2020, with a vision to provide fresh UK produced tempeh, opposed to the pasteurised, Dutch imported tempeh which is currently the only readily available option in the UK. Tempeh is one of the best vegan alternatives to meat and is high in protein and other nutrients.

Protempeh produces fresh tempeh using fair-trade, organic non-GMO beans at a production facility in Farringdon, London.

The Protempeh Team



Olivier is the co-founder who fronts the artisanal tempeh production at Protempeh.

He’s a trained chef and an e-commerce entrepreneur and has a great interest in healthy eating and fitness. As Olivier’s interest in plant-based food grew, in 2019 he became passionate about tempeh and undertook intensive training with a tempeh master from Indonesia. He believes that fresh tempeh should be part of everyone’s diet and a healthy lifestyle!



Amalia is a co-founder and manages marketing and branding at Protempeh.

She was born and raised in Indonesia (the land of Tempeh) until she moved to London to study Marketing at Middlesex University and has been living in London ever since.

Amalia has always been passionate about her culture and Indonesian food, and being Indonesian, her familiarity with tempeh is second to none.

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