Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tempeh?

Tempeh originated in Indonesia thousands of years ago and is now considered a superfood around the globe. It is made by natural culturing for 30-48 hours of incubation that binds the beans into a firm patty. This fermentation process transforms the beans into a complete protein food that contains all the essential amino acids and minerals that is more digestible. It contains enzymes that make it easier for the body to process and absorb the proteins and other nutrients. Good fresh Tempeh should be covered in white mycelium, firm in texture, and have a yeasty or mushroom-like smell.

Where are your soybeans from?

We try our best to use sustainably sourced beans. Our soybeans are Non-GMO organic beans from Canada. Unfortunately, UK does not produce the type of soybeans that is suitable for tempeh. We found the Canadian beans with their texture are best for tempeh, and sourcing the beans from Canada creates the least carbon footprint in our production compared to sourcing from other main soybeans producers such as China, South America, or Indonesia.

Is tempeh vegan?

Yes, tempeh is only made from 2 ingredients: Soy beans (or other pulses) and Life culture (bacteria).

Why is fresh tempeh the best tempeh?

Tempeh has exited outside Indonesia for a while. However, tempeh that you find in supermarkets in the UK has always been pasteurised and/ frozen from Holland. Fresh tempeh will have more flavour and a stronger texture because it hasn't been heat-treated. It will retain 100% of its superfood-like nutrients, including its probiotic & prebiotic content.

How can I tell the difference between fresh and pasteurised tempeh?

Fresh tempeh is visually different from pasteurised tempeh. Fresh tempeh is covered in white mycelium which is a visible sign it is as fresh as it can be. Pasteurised tempeh looks yellow/light brown in colour with hardly any white mould/mycelium covering the tempeh as it has been heat-treated and therefore killed most of its beneficial nutrients.

Pasteurised tempeh will keep its texture and last longer than fresh tempeh. Fresh tempeh contains good live bacteria so the colour will change as it ages.  You should consume fresh tempeh within 5 days of receiving it, as you would with any other fresh produce (or 3 months if it’s kept in the freezer).

What are the health benefits of eating tempeh?

Would you believe that fresh tempeh has 1.4x more protein than tofu? All the carbohydrates present in our tempeh is also dietary fibre. It also doesn't contain any sodium, cholesterol or trans fats (unless you add them as you're cooking). It's also an amazing source of plant-based omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids! As a fermented and pro-biotic food, it’s easily digested by the body. And the list goes on...


How do I eat and cook tempeh?

There are many ways to cook tempeh. Fry, bake, steam or boil. Add it with your stir fry, curry, wrap, sandwiched, etc. You can be as adventurous as you wish cooking with tempeh thanks to its firm texture. Tempeh needs plenty of seasoning and works well with any type of marinade. 

Can I freeze Tempeh?


Keep it dry in the fridge and consume within 8 days, as we mentioned above, our tempeh is fresh and it should be treated like any other fresh products such as fresh vegetables, fruits or meat (you wouldn’t want to keep it longer than 5 days). You can also freeze tempeh to up to 3 months.

Why are there dark spots on my Tempeh block?

Dark spots are part of the natural fermentation process and are not harmful. They do not affect the taste of the product.

Best way to store your tempeh for maximum shelf life.

Remove tempeh from the plastic. You can either leave the block as a whole or slice as in picture below. Place paper towel at the bottom of an airtight Tupperware and place tempeh on top. Cover the first layer with more paper towel and add another layer of tempeh slices. On day 3, replace paper towel. The tempeh should stay good for at least 8 days. 


Is your packaging recyclable?


Yes, the film to incubate our tempeh is biodegradable plastic and the box is 100% recyclable. We are aware that plastic is not fantastic hence why we currently researching alternative solutions. 


How do we deliver your tempeh?


We use UPS next day delivery for orders over 4 blocks and Royal Mail next day delivery for smaller orders (minimum order 2 blocks of 500gr). 

When will I receive my order?

Order by Monday 12 pm and receive your tempeh on Friday at the latest. Wholesale, delivery to be discussed with individual stockists and restaurants.