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The Studio is in the beautiful neighbourhood of Notting Hill offering state-of-the-art technological gym, a range of equipment and private one-to-one training adapted to the needs of each client.

I offer an all-round approach to training, where my extensive professional experience assists in providing top-to-toe care— working with clients to make them strong, healthy and happy.

Calling them my “clients” does no justice to the amazing people I work with. They are my friends, my mini-athletes!

I feel so privileged to help them achieve some monumental goals. All our training is provided in one-to-one sessions to ensure privacy and exclusivity with no two sessions being the same.


Working someone hard is part of our training but the experience alone needs to provide some motivation and excitement. I can help that along

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Nutritional, beautifully prepared and a perfect balance of flavours are the end goals of all the food I make.

My love of food is probably the most obvious symptom of my Italian heritage.

It drives my need to perfect recipes by adjusting the flavours and texture to make it a nourishing experience.

Everything is free of sugar, dairy and gluten but full of flavour and nutrients.

Here are some of my creations. If you’re interested in knowing more, please send me a message and we can have a chat about my food.

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